handmade vegan soap on a rope

At Kleensoaps we create cold-processed vegan soap on a rope.
We only use high quality, natural ingredients
with packaging that is recycled, and recyclable.

Not tested on animals, only tested on friends and family,
Kleensoaps is hand-crafted and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks,
for a hard, long-lasting bar and a beautiful creamy lather.

Kleensoaps are all about your feel-good experience.
From the aromatherapeutic scents that engulf you as you cleanse your body,
to the joyful chunkiness of the bar. The tried-and-tested rope designs 
will enrich your time in the shower.

Conceived to help you reduce the use of plastic in your home - ensuring that no soap is unused through a centered cotton rope - Kleensoaps has redefined the classic idea of soap-on-a-rope to give you a long-lasting, waste-free natural product.

Kleensoaps will put a smile on your face,
make your body feel beautiful, and help preserve our planet.

Small Batch

Our handmade soaps on a rope are made by combining natural oils, rich butters, water and lye leaving no room for added chemicals found in liquid soaps/washes; which can be packed with surfactants, parabens, microbeads and preservatives to maintain shelf life. Thus respecting the balance of your skin, without stripping it of its natural oils with harsh chemicals. So why not give it a try? 


If you’re thinking that soap on a rope is something only your granny would use, think again. Not only does it mean that you’re making an excellent eco beauty choice - with no plastic packaging - this new generation soap-on-a-rope has no nasty detergents or parabens to harm your body.

Kleensoaps chunky soap on a rope is an all-natural handmade product that smells delicious. Find out for yourself.

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Plastic Free Packaging

Our packaging consists of recycled non-bleached kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable at the end of life, and it looks great too.

All Natural Handmade Soap on a Rope

Perfect soaps!
Fresh, clean, wonderfully scented and moisturising all at the same time.


These soaps certainly have the
WOW factor!

They are well made and wonderfully fragrant, as well as being chunky and fun to use. I bought multiple to give as presents, if only I could decide which ones I want to part with...
They also arrived superfast so thank you Kleensoaps!


The fragrance is fresh with an intense natural zing that lasts.
Received the order in no time.
Ordered the whole set. Irresistible!


These soaps smell amazing, really fresh! Have bought these as gifts & I'm so pleased with them. I’ll be buying more!!! Thank you


This was a gift, recipient loved it and customer service from KLEEN was amazing. Thank you


It's perfect, smells amazing, packaged really nicely and is great quality! Will definitely be buying again ❤️


I love this soap, it smells amazing and I want to use it all the time! Would definitely recommend!!


Bought three soaps intended as a gift for a friend. He LOVED them! The owner of the shop also threw in another little soap that I nabbed and they are just gorgeous! Smell amazing, easy lather and look beautiful. My skin is also clearing up! Another note on the owner- she was so kind and the customer service was superb!